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    OK, here is the history of "Party Poker".

    I have been doing business on the Internet since 1994, and during that time I had the feeling our Gov would see the amount of revenue going offshore to play Poker with sites where Poker is not considered illegal. The conventional wisdom would suggest, the obvious, illegalize gambling online in the USA. I registered "", 2004 in anticipation knowing the amount of demand would be high once illegal.

    Well like many of my ideas this one did not prove the case, at least for now. Do I think it will happen and our politicians see that it is a great taxable revenue source? Yes, I do.

    So why sell such a gem of a name like "Party Poker Store"? The answer is simple while waiting I have aged, and retired. Although maintaining a website is not any trouble, and I have recently added products that are Poker related through an association with Amazon. This was done to generate some revenue to offset the hosting and related costs. The site has grown organically with the Search engines especially Yahoo, Bing and a few others.

    Now the price. I am not looking to price it unreasonable based on my years of doing Internet business, and a person is more than respected for their opinion if different than mine. I am old enough other people's opinions are respected, even though they may be rejected by my opinion. Obviously some will think I am foolish to let it go, but I am ready to focus on Golf and Poker with friends.

    Yes, I have sold sites for more money, and if I can not get at least this amount or round it off to say $10,000. I will keep the site. I am not much on haggling when I have been fair with the pricing.. So please no tire kickers.

    I can be reached

    If you are a Poker fan here are some items that can showcase your games.

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